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Governor Mark Dayton

Visit the home page of Minnesota's 40th Governor and Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon for the latest appointments, updates on innovations, the Office of the Governor Blog, and more.


Winter in Minnesota

If the weather outside is frightful, here's how to stay warm and safe inside.   If you do need to travel on the roads, here are winter driving tips from the Dept. of Public Safety, and workzone driving tips from MN DOT.   511 Traveler Information will give you current road conditions any time of year.

Tired of the cold? Embrace winter and have fun! 

Wilderness Act

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark Wilderness Act. The 1964 Wilderness Act created the National Wilderness Preservation System, which protects nearly 110 million acres of wilderness areas from coast to coast, including Minnesota's own Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

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MN Unemployment Rate

Minnesota's unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9%, its lowest since 2006.
The addition of 28,300 jobs in three months is nearly record breaking. 

New Green Line Record

October was another record month of ridership for the Green Line: 1,131,264 rides. Monthly Green Line ridership is beating projections for 2015.
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DNR and Benefits for Vets

The MN DNR has been awarded a Yellow Ribbon by Gov. Mark Dayton - for their exceptional caring, commitment and compassion for military members and families.  See the benefits Veterans receive.

Ebola Preparedness and Response

Minnesota state agencies are working together to ensure strong protections are in place to help prevent Ebola from entering Minnesota. 

U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

A white spruce from Minnesota's Chippewa National Forest will be displayed on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, passing through seven states on its way to Washington, DC. Photos of cutting the Christmas tree. Track the tree as it travels.

College and Tech school

Minnesota High School students agonizing over college and technical school choices can now look at data to see which academic programs have higher placement rates and income of recent graduates. Check out the app at Minnesota DEED. 

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