Voting and Elections

Learn all about Minnesota's political parties, voting, elections and redistricting.  You can also find information about candidates, register to vote, and learn where your polling place is.  It's your vote.  Make it count!

Secretary of State: Elections & Voting Website
The Secretary of State is the chief election official in Minnesota and is responsible for administration of the Minnesota election law. Find information for Voters and Candidates as well as upcoming elections.

Secretary of State: Voting Information
Quick access to Voter Registration, Polling Place Finder and voter education.

Secretary of State: Voting FAQ's 
Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding voters and elections.

'Issues and Information' Web page on elections from the Minnesota House of Representatives, House Research Department.

Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board
Responsible for the development and administration of programs for registration, disclosure and enforcement of the Ethics in Government Act. Registered lobbyists list available.

Political Parties
Political parties in Minnesota.

Politics & Elections
Minnesota Legislative Reference Library Links to the World for Politics and Elections.

Information on redistricting in Minnesota from Minnesota Geographic Information Services (GIS).

Other Resources
Other resources on campaign finance, voting and election statistics, voter information and more.

Participate in Government
Links for learning about and participating in your government.

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